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Company advantage

IAF has developed a complete financing system, so that everyone has the opportunity to make money

International standard financing platform, five major sections are clearly displayed

Rich icon system, product classification for customers to choose

Products with different prices meet people at different stages can choose the one that suits them

Advanced purchase mode and global server distribution make it easier for customers to purchase products

Clear and intuitive level-up rules to improve customer experience and satisfy everyone's benefits

7*24 hours professional customer service, respond to customer inquiries in time, and deal with customer problems faster

AI will unlock the unique potential of each person and will empower them to contribute more effectively to the society.
Prime Minister
Narendra Modi

Industry news

Digital governance through AI

The various stakeholders must join hands to ensure that AI is used for benevolent purposes In the last decade, we have seen the proliferation of digital adoption across India, facilitated by the governments focus on the JAM Trinity (Jan Dha...

UK Deputy PM: AI is the most ‘extensive’ industrial revol

Britains Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden has shared his view that AI will be the most extensive industrial revolution yet. Dowden highlighted AIs dual role, emphasising its capacity to augment productivity and streamline mundane tasks....